Monday, December 30, 2013

quilt couture

I've long held a not so mild prejudice against quilted garments. Not the puffy coat/parka sort of thing, but the patchwork appliqued sort of affair, usually made out of muddy calicos and wooden toggle buttons, and invariably stiff, boxy and unflattering.
Something a lot like this.

But I've started to collect examples of fashions that reference quilting, or utilize it in ways that I think are really kind of great. One of the first times I remember noticing what I thought was an interesting use of patchwork in clothing construction was a skirt by Jay McCarroll. 
This isn't the exact skirt I liked, but close enough.

I've found examples that run the gamut from affordable to high end - Louise Hedley is a designer who sells her clothes on etsy whose work is really interesting - and around $100 a dress.

This Cynthia Rowley dress refers to a string quilt pattern in the dye/print pattern:
Cynthia Rowley

This Jean Paul Gaultier skirt borrows from a boro tradition:
Jean Paul Gaultier

A designer that I've just run across recently is Reet Aus, whose work has eco-political roots.
Reet Aus

Another new (to me) designer is Carleen:

It makes me wish that I could sew clothing! But I'm hopeless when it comes to shaping fabric three dimensionally. Alas.

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