Friday, May 29, 2015

pattern follow-up

Okay, so those InDesign docs to .png files look a little cruddy. So here are the .pngs of just the patterns.

So, I took a couple skillshare classes

in pattern design. By which I mean I actually did the assignment (more or less) and posted it for comments/review. I have mixed feelings about these online courses. On the one hand, they are an awesome way to develop new skills on your own time and at your own pace. On the other, they seem to promote a sort of cloning of the teacher's design aesthetic. I like Elizabeth Olwen's work, I think much of the stuff she does is lovely. Her style seems a little narrow at first glance, but I continue to be surprised by how much variety she can generate out of a very specific visual vocabulary.

I think it is hard to resist copying it as a student. There isn't much encouragement to take the information she provides and expand it into your own aesthetic. But maybe that expectation is beyond the scope of the class, or unrealistic for new designers. I don't know. I know I found myself drawing more flower designs than I ever intended. But I am also aware that flowers are so fundamental a part of fabric design they are almost a neutral (so to speak).

So, I'm going to post a project here that I did for a class taught by Bonnie Christine. I'd be interested in anyone's (gentle, considered) critical feedback. I am of two minds, myself. On the one hand, I like them. They are, I think, (more or less) good solutions to the class assignment. On the other, I have a hard time thinking of them in terms of fabric. I think they are nice patterns. I am not sure I would buy them if presented to myself as fabric. But I am also too far inside at this point to have an objective view, perhaps. So. Here goes. Anybody? (Click to see larger).

Saturday, May 23, 2015

repair and mend

So I finally got around to taking my camera into the repair shop for a look-see. Very nice camera dude aimed it at some big poster on the wall to check the focus, messed around with the settings, and handed it back to me.

Him: "There's nothing wrong with it."
Me: "Really? Are you sure? Cause the focus seemed really off to me."
Him: "You had some weird settings. I reset them."
Me: "Uh, okay, great. Does it seem really dirty to you? Does it need to be cleaned?"
Him: "No. It seems fine."

Hmm. I thought to myself leaving the shop. I'll take some pictures and see for myself. So I did.

And, as it turns out, it's now working just fine! Thanks, camera dude! For making it better, and for not ripping me off when you totally could have. You are an upstanding New Yorker.
Magical focus poster thing at camera repair joint.
All better! So happy.