Thursday, July 3, 2014

heavy heart, busy hands

This is a quilt top I made well over a year ago. I made it during Hurricane Sandy. Expecting our electricity to go out at any moment, I decided I would just keep busy sewing until it did. Well, it never did (we were lucky) so I was able to get a hefty chunk of sewing done during the storm.

This kind of patchwork is a deeply satisfying sort - once I had decided on pink and brown, all the thinking it required of me was over. I find myself returning to this style of quilt-making whenever I am feeling sad or lost or frustrated. It is pleasantly distracting to sit and sort through my bins of scraps, to piece together similar lengths, to sew up chunky bits and then piece those together - it's not unlike doing a jigsaw puzzle.

I was tempted to begin another one this evening but resisted. It's a way of working that is maybe a little too easy (maybe a crutch?). I want to start something new and challenging, something that I could possibly submit to this year's QuiltCon. But I'm also currently smarting from a gigantic fight I had with a friend earlier today, and I find I can't concentrate on much challenging.

Which is also why, of course, I want so much to be sewing something mindlessly right now - I want the distraction and feel of productivity that comes with keeping your hands busy.