Saturday, May 23, 2015

repair and mend

So I finally got around to taking my camera into the repair shop for a look-see. Very nice camera dude aimed it at some big poster on the wall to check the focus, messed around with the settings, and handed it back to me.

Him: "There's nothing wrong with it."
Me: "Really? Are you sure? Cause the focus seemed really off to me."
Him: "You had some weird settings. I reset them."
Me: "Uh, okay, great. Does it seem really dirty to you? Does it need to be cleaned?"
Him: "No. It seems fine."

Hmm. I thought to myself leaving the shop. I'll take some pictures and see for myself. So I did.

And, as it turns out, it's now working just fine! Thanks, camera dude! For making it better, and for not ripping me off when you totally could have. You are an upstanding New Yorker.
Magical focus poster thing at camera repair joint.
All better! So happy.

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