Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How red is too red?

So I've got a new quilt up on my wall. Perhaps I was a bit more influenced by that Diana Vreeland bio pic I watched a few weeks back than I initially thought because the starting point for me with this quilt was simply: red. Or, more specifically, could I locate the tipping point for when a lot of red becomes too damn much red. I think I am just skirting the edges of too much right now.
in progress


  1. Well, I don't think it is even CLOSE to being too much red!!

  2. I love your quilt and really like your writing, Jenny "In Color Order" had your quilt in her favorites on her blog which is how I ended up at your blog! Beautiful, Beautiful quilt, so vibrant , certainly would make a room brighter and more cheerful and warm!! great job!