Friday, October 25, 2013

peaceable kingdom

Conny saves animals. Cats mostly, but dogs, too. She started out helping the strays she encountered on the island, but became known for her willingness to provide shelter for the hardest cases - the lost causes - and people began bringing them to her. She currently has 5 dogs, 18 indoor cats, 18 outside cats, and a small cat community she looks after that lives in the park across the street from her house. One of the last days we were in Ibiza, I tried to photograph all her animals. I had a thought that I would assemble the pictures into a small blurb book for her. I should have started a little sooner in our visit because I just couldn't get all of them. Several of the ones that live in the backyard cattery tend to be shy, so I know I missed a few there, but I also managed to miss getting decent shots of some of the dogs, for which there is no good excuse. In particular Pixie, the tiny dog with non-working front legs. Conny speculates that it was caused by a car accident most likely, but by the time Pixie arrived at Chez Martin-Harrison, her front legs had healed into unusably bent L-shapes. They consulted a vet who didn't think re-breaking the legs and resetting them would work and so now Pixie wiggles her way across the floor with her back legs, or waits for C, always nearby, to pick her up and carry her. Caring for these animals is a full-time job for C, so many of which have special needs. I really love and admire her for her devotion - I can't wait to return in the spring to spend more time with her and them.

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