Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The $500 dollar pillow. Or: money, money money.

Well, more accurately, the $525 dollar pillow. It is rather large, 35" in length. Though the back is a plain fabric. I'll admit, my eyes bugged a bit at the price (and sold out, too!), which is telling given where I live (land of over-priced everything). Not that I begrudge the artist a penny. Which will be 50% of that number, most likely. And I understand that people will charge whatever the market will bear, etc. etc. But. Still. Holy Cow.


  1. "Gob smacked" would describe my reaction.
    I suppose to a person who does not sew/quilt, the price might seem reasonable. Well, to a very rich person who does not sew/quilt.

    1. Ha! Too true to that last thought.