Wednesday, September 17, 2014

lily's quilt: done and done

I would do some things differently were I to do it over - I would run long strips of the polka dot fabric vertically beside the geese blocks rather than in little chunks here and there. I would also add more of the linen and black fabric geese to better balance all of the pink/red and white. But it is what it is. I learned a lot making it, and I'm sure it will look plenty cute on Lily's bed. Also: done is better than perfect. Hopefully it will fit in my carry-on for our October trip to Iowa.

I'm even far enough away from it now to be tempted to make more flying geese. When I'm making a quilt with blocks, by the time I finish I am always like - "Okay, never gonna make a half-square triangle ever again." But that never lasts. I'm sure I can't be alone in that.

Speaking of half-square triangles, here is the quilt I was making earlier this summer for my sister's 50th birthday. Which was September 7. Obviously that didn't happen. I actually started it in a pretty timely manner but got stuck at this point when I spread it out on my bed and decided that the pinwheels were too big. Gah. Why is my quilt confidence so elusive lately? Part of me wants to rip it all apart and trim down the pinwheel square by an inch or so and then sew it all back together again. Which is crazypants. I've folded it up and stashed in my closet for now, hoping absence will make the heart grow fonder. Maybe when I dig it back out in a month I will look at it and wonder what my problem was. Fingers crossed.


  1. Love the pinwheels! I'd be happy to have that on my bed!

  2. Thanks, Jennifer - I appreciate your comment :)

  3. I really like your flying geese quilt (found it on Pinterest). The random placement of your background dotted fabric as well as the mix of colours in general makes a predictable quilt design unpredictable and filled with interest for the eye.

  4. I agree with Karen. I found your quilt on Pinterest today and absolutely love it. I really like the placement of the black as it is! And the random dot rectangles too. I love love love the solid tan binding. Seriously, this is major inspiration for me right now.