Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I am in the process of making a quilt for my dear grandsquid, Lily. I've been thinking about this quilt for many months.
Miss Lily on her rug.
The rug under her pouf in the photo above is now in her bedroom - it was a birthday gift from us a year or so ago. I've thought that the quilt I make should work with the rug somehow, meet it on it's own pretty bold terms. I am using a screenshot from the Urban Outfitters website as a reference, but the colors aren't quite right on it - it's more vivid in person.

I'd considered and discarded a bunch of block patterns before landing on a simpler, improvisational design, with the quilt (below) serving as inspiration:

found on tumblr/pinterest

My first go slapping fabric on the flannel wall looked like this:

Which I kinda liked, but when I returned to it after being away for awhile, I was less sure about it. So I decided to play around a bit more with the fabrics I'd pulled and came up with this:

I decided to do a twin size rather than a square, and to make it a series of fractured stripes. I felt like this was close enough to start sewing, knowing that it would change during the process of stitching.

Here it is with the left half sewn - I'm still a little unsold on the right half - specifically the top part. I'm considering getting rid of the solid red block and replacing it with a small red print that would make that column a more consistent block. I'm itching to get it done, but know it would be better to just sit on it a day or two to get some perspective. More to come...

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